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Podcasting is a way to let the giant robots of the future collect all the poop jokes and NPR shows you like and put them in your computer so you can hear them later.

A play scored by The Better Boyfriends.



The Landed Gentry Album

The Better Boyfriends Present The Complete Cole Porter Songbook

The Old Website.

You can still access the sad old website here. But please don't. This new one is so much better. Plus, I'm sure most of the shit doesn't work anymore. But fine. Go. Fuck you. See if I care.


The Better Boyfriends on Myspace.

Typewriter. These cats are fucking out of control bizarre. Imagine giant flourescent rabbit costumes, bleachers filled with ventriloquist dummies, decapitated polar bears (still holding their bloodied heads), and invasive, loud electronic samples of 50's childrens shows with live thunder-drums.

Old Seed. His real name is Craig. He goes all the fuck over everywhere with his geetar slung up over his back singin' his songs and rightin' his wrongs.

The Steve Breadstone Experience. Canadian sketch comedy that's pretty funny. The dudes are old.

Rachel Ries. A really nice girl that sings like a bird. And not one of those fucking egrets, either.

The California Clipper. Pete hosts the Tuesday Film Symposium every week.

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