This was our entry for the 2007 48-Hour Film Festival in Chicago. We had to use the following components: Detective Genre; Jenny Crawford, librarian; a plastic storage box, and the line "I declare!"

"Story Of Bear And Cake"
This was originally an onstage conversation between The Better Boyfriends and their Ukrainian counterpart, The Friendly Boys. Here, The Friendly Boys attempt to convince our Better Boyfriends of the merit of their soviet-centric entertainment methods. From "The Three Pigs".

A very brief one-off bit that should have taken mere minutes to film, this video is a collection of the (no-shit) 39 takes we did for a 20-second skit that was never that funny to begin with. From "The Three Pigs".

"The War"
Live performance! The introduction of General Waverly, plus Pete spitting orange-juice-diced-onion-ground-beef on Jon's face. From "White Christmas".

"Louder, Faster, Dumber, and Wang-Diddly-Doo-Dang Crazy-Lookin"
Made as a promo for the stint at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in 2004.

"Apocalypse Intro"
The opening segment from "White Christmas".

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