June 19 2007.  

Citizens! MAGNUMRUSH! Our good buddies Joe, Colin, and naturally WASP, video-artist, helped us churn out an entry for the 2007 48-Hour Film Fest. Several times throughout the weekend, Pete had to beat WASP soundly about the face just to wake him up enough to finish his Keystone Light! The result?



(youtube link.)


April 9 2007.

Citizens! Loyal patron and part-time Boyfriend Steven Kray (formerly Texan) found hisself a lady and went and married her! The Better Boyfriends were there to function as masturbators of ceremonies! Here's a bit of the speech we gave, in which we relive a time in Steve's life when he occupied the former house of one Peter Weller (aka Peter Weller, star of ROBOCOP!)

"The Peter Weller Bit"


July 4 2006.

Citizens! It's America's Birthday! Let's all show our boobs to strangers!


Episode 1-2: The Ballad Of Android Bill

Update: A few listeners have reported difficulty listening to this episode in its iTunes-friendly AAC format. Everything is back to stupid old MP3.

It seems our Canadian kith and kin yet live on, toiling against the shackles of not being American. The Steve Breadstone Experience's Jay (the big bearded one... Get it? They're all the big bearded one!) is our newest social-network-begotten chum!

Finally, dear friends, on this day of celebration, let us all take a moment to thank the one true god, (the American one,) for Erik Burns' release from Mormon-country! I heard the Word and the Word says he's back in New York. We here at BetterBoyfriends Dot Com Slash Org Dot CN Dot CA Unlimited wish him all the best and remind him that as soon as he buys a god damn tape recorder, he can have his corner office back.

Big Bearded Jay!


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