Attendence Log

Reset 9/14/02


5-5-03: 2000!

Two thousand people have looked at this stuff. That's larger than my entire high school graduating class. Larger, and more judgemental. More hateful.

2-3-03: 1070

A Recent The Better Boyfriends Promotional Tour Of Los Angeles Has Yielded Unquestionable Celebrity Support! Why, Upon Leaving The Airplane, Bobby Brown Himself Walked Up To Pete, Kneed Him In The Groin, And Stole His Color Television!

12-14-02: 628

I Wonder, Does Jon Know How Much I Loathe Him? No. No He Could Not. He Could Never. Never Never Ever.

11-21-02: 462

Although Updated Nearly As Infrequently As The Shows Themselves, The Wildly Successful Better Boyfriends Website Continues To Target Young, Impressionable Youths. Although Fairly Subliminal, One Can Make Out Remarkable Socialist Undertones Throughout.

10-21-02: 250

After Carefully Examining Existent Trends In Market Fluctuation, Traffic Violation, Pork Bellies, And Dual-Party Government, One Clearly Notes That A Steady Pattern Of Visitors To The Wildly Successful Better Boyfriends Website Has Established Itself. Considering Possible Retaliatory Action By The U.S. Government, I Estimate The Better Boyfriends Will Have Contributed Nearly Eight Billion Dollars To The Federal Government By The End Of The Year. Also, I Live With My Parents.

10-14-02: 197

Judging by the technological resources at hand, we estimate nearly three and a half thousand people have experienced the Better Boyfriends in this past month alone. Whoa. Makes you think, huh.

9-14-02: 1 attendence log has been retired along with the rest of the site. At final closing, the old Boyfriends site had attracted over seventy thousand people, many of whom still went on to live vaguely fulfilling lives.