May 6 2004. "The Better Boyfriends Present Michael Curtiz's Irving Berlin's 'White Christmas'"

On May 6, Jon's Thesis Performance: "The Better Boyfriends Present Michael Curtiz's Irving Berlin's White Christmas" Was Performed On The University Of Chicago Campus For A Small Audience, Including An Academic Committee Formed Strictly To Decide Whether A Flagrant Disregard For Common Decency Such As A Better Boyfriend Show Merits Accredited Accolades.

From An Email:

"'Well done, bold wight! Well done!' ... [S]uffice it to say that I was stunned--stunned!--at all that I had seen, heard, and smelled. I can see now why you had difficulty conveying exactly what you and sick/gifted friends do. I was thinking of Marx Brothers directed by Guy Maddin. I was thinking dumb sketch comedy by Oxbridge twits. I was thinking that not since Bedlam in the eighteenth century has mental illness been this entertaining. I was thinking headpiece full of straw, codpiece full of....what do they have in there?! It was all a blast, a real kick in the groin (feel free to quote me for promotional purposes), and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you. Thank you."

- Lewis Fortner, Associate Dean Of Students.

No, Lou, Thank You.

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