December 19 2003. "Christmas With Zardoz"

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Pre-Production Pictures

A Discarded Segment Titled "Mister Drink".

From "The Mystery Of Thanksgiving".

If These Are Pilgrims...

... Then These Must Be Indians.

Rocking, Somewhat Gently.

Jon Holds An Empty Jar Of Sanka, Pete, A Sack Of Figs, Erik, His Own Psychadelic Mind.

Approximate Height Of Pete's Projected Face: 38 Inches.

Jon Falls Like Chevy Chase And Fights Like Don Henley

Here, Pete Portrays Legendary Star Of Stage And Screen, Rosie Perez.

Here, Jon's Fist Is Wasted For Lack Of Cause.

Portrait For A Recent Article In Chicago's "Tap Magazine".

(Untitled #26)


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