May 3 2003. "2nd Annual Spring Formal"

The 2nd Annual Spring Formal A Ridiculously Drunken Success. We Fed Those In Attendance More Alcohol Than Ever Before. Andrew, Pictured Here, Participated In The "Century Club" And Drank 100 Shots Of Award-Winning Busch Light In 100 Minutes.


Pete And Jon Test The Blue Mumu Bit.

Pete And Jon Realize How Fucked The Blue Mumu Bit Is.

Erik Also Realizes How Fucked The Blue Mumu Is.

Jon Wears Tights For The First Time. What A Feeling!

Our Mom Takes Our Picture Before Dinner.

Erik Makes The Punch That Will Eventually Destroy Them All.

This Woman Watches Erik In Obvious Abject Terror.

These Hotties Were Rocked Too Hard And Had To Take A Break!

Pete Looks Fabulous!

This Guy Cops A Feel, While Dubuquer Alyssa Anglin Looks On!

The King And Queen Amidst Romantic "Canned Fog"!

Erik Hunts An Audience Volunteer!

Irish Authors James Joyce and Samuel Beckett Order A Pizza!

When It's All Over, These Are The Only Sober Men Left. Sad.

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